My Love, Red Roses

Your Excellency, Naser al-Din Shah Qajar, the King of Persia!

Yes, my words are aimed at you, my very dear husband. Despite always considering  yourself as an open-minded person, and in family and friendship parties, you sit on the sofa with your legs crossed and gabble out intellectual words in a way that all of those present, praise and applause you widely, but I clearly can see one shallow King  Naser al-Din Shah Qajar sitting cross-legged on your head .

Tonight is the anniversary of our marriage, but I don’t feel like writing in romance. You have spoiled my taste throughout all these years. Do you know I love red rose at all? Have not I told you in countless times during our engagement period that I would like to have my wedding bouquet in red roses? I wish you wouldn’t take a bouquet of pink roses with pride before my face when you came to pick me up at the beauty salon? Do not you tell me hundreds of thousands of times in my ear that your eyes were greeted with cry of delight by the pleasure of seeing you dressed in Groom suit? Are you off your head!? I was shocked by your words, your cold shoulder I felt badly of my awful taste. If it was not due to ruining my make-up, that place….yeah, on the very place, I would sit on beauty salon floor and began mewling.

Do you remember last year? I’ll bring it into your mind! After a while, we went out to paint the town red. Within half an hour that you were talking on your mobile phone about work, I went out and bought a red rose while hiding it under my veil.

When you, Mr. King Naser al-Din Shah Qajar hung up your call and arranged all the affairs of the country, then I gladly offered you all the red roses, and I said: the red rose means my love to you is unlimited. My mouth dropped open when you yelled at me and told me “How dare you give me the flower on the street, you the lowest of the low woman? Do you want people to see me with a flower? Do you want to ruins my royal reputation?”

Who on earth can say such words except a Yazdi man? Why Should I have bought you flowers? I should have bought you alfalfa with that damn behavior? Who on earth remembers whether you are alive or dead? You are conceited, my hubby?

What is the use of all these scientific achievement, and all these rise of the human literacy level? The old generations says: “The world just didn’t seem right.” But nothing has changed in my opinion. What is the use of the Science and literacy level which have nothing to do with making a man out of humanity?

Apart from red rose, have you ever talked to me in romance? Once you have forgiven yourself and come to say “my dear, I love you”, your tongue got stuck in  mouth, your face went black, your eye pupil went up and suddenly you started trembling and fell on the floor .Saying “my dear” is that hard, you mean?

Your utmost romantic words in these years were: “I am a like a chicken out of your love…Do not believe in it, cluck, cluck.” Now, man! Because of your behavior, I have to cluck, cluck.

I am with several options on the table tonight for our marriage anniversary gift.

1-         When you come home, I start nagging so much and go on and on until you get harassed and hurt yourself.

2-         Beautify myself with the help of the Beauty Channels, wear my gorgeous clothes. When you come back, give you a cold shoulder and get busy with my books and movies.

3-         For one week and maybe more, I don’t cook, neither wash the dishes and clothes, nor iron your clothes so to fill your bloody belly you will curry favor with me.

  1. I can also act kind and kill you with kindness. I will bake a carrot and walnut cake which you like. I will also cook Ghormeh Sabzi an Iranian herb stew for dinner. If I really want to go out of my way, I will invite your relatives and cast slur on your mother and sister’s sarcasm magnanimously. After getting all these done, in a surprising way, I condescend to you for all these affairs and bring before your eyes whatever negligence, fault and evil that I have witnessed for these years in a moment like the deed letter in Resurrection.

I have no more willingness to write.

The cake is on the oven and the carrot and walnut cake is inside the stove.

I have to check them.

Let’s see what happens next…


I bought these red roses on the table for my own benefit. Don’t take it upon yourself.


Signature: Anīs-Al-Dawla


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